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Mahopac Public Library

Our mission is to inspire creativity, encourage lifelong learning, and strengthen our community by providing access to information, education, culture, and recreation.  We believe that our community is the heart of our Library. Therefore we strive to be a library that is integral to the lives of all residents, and responsive to the community’s changing needs through excellence in collections, programs, and services.

To learn more about our other services and programs, please visit our website at mahopaclibrary.org

Town of Carmel Historical Society

The Town of Carmel Historical Society, founded in 1977, is a non-profit 501(C)(3) organization. It is devoted to preserving over 300 years of our local history in the hamlets of Carmel, Mahopac and Mahopac Falls and informing the community of our past. The Society holds an absolute charter awarded by the New York State Board of Education, Regents Office.

The Society manages the Historical Center at 40 McAlpin Avenue in the "old village" area of Mahopac. The "Center", built in 1902 was originally a community center and for a time served as town hall. The Society's archives at the Historical Center have a wide variety of materials for reference and research as well as three long-term exhibit rooms and many historical artifacts. 

The Society provides Center tours for the community, visitors, school groups and any interested parties. Presentations and tours are held highlighting the areas hotels, railroads, farms, cemeteries, archeological studies, participation in the American Revolution and Native American history. We support the preservation of historic sites, cemeteries and military veteran recognition.